Sunday, June 26, 2016

Capitalizing Bigata.!!!

90% of data created today is unstructured and more difficult to manage that generating from data sources like social media(facebook, twitter), video(youtube), texts(application logs), audio(viacom), email(gmail), and documents. As all of know the social media becoming revolutionary factor for businesses.

Bigdata is much more than data and is already transforming the way businesses and organizations are running. It represents a new way of doing business, creating a bright path for future business world, one that is driven by data oriented decision making and new types of products and services influenced by data. The rapid explosion in Bigdata and ways to handle it, changing the landscape of not only IT industry but all over the data oriented systems, And this data is becoming so powerful and important to drive for today’s businesses, as it contains customer insight and business growth opportunities that have yet to be identified or even no one had a idea about. But due to its volume, type and speed of change, most companies are doesn't have enough resources  to address this valuable data and get business out of it. 

Its time to get together and find out the ways and patterns from bigdata that can help us to make our lives even simpler and we have the solution(Hadoop) but need to explore it more, to focus on true growth and identifying the business opportunities.