Saturday, June 15, 2013

What people really thinks about Bigdata?

How much do you think people are aware of bigdata world and its advantages and disadvantages, or they are just aware of it, don't know how to use it? Bigdata analytics is really a hell? Bigdata is playing a role of hero or villain in our day today life?

Yes, these are the some headlines I found on internet while I was studying for bigdata analytics. Is that bigdata analysis is really difficult job? As per my experience I dint found such hardness and difficulties while going through. "If you know how to create a bigdata, then you should know how to bring business values out of it" this is the simple line I'm following.

Just think of end user perspective, you will get known many more dimensions and directions to analyse bigdata, do it and get successful in bigdata era.

being a simple end user is not that much difficult task I think so:)