Monday, June 3, 2013

Bigdata : Impact on day to day life

Would Bigdata really impact on our day to day life? If you asked this question 10 years before, the answer  might be No, but nowadays if you going for shopping to any mall, Google maps are tracking you, your home, you rout towards a mall and suggests the similar malls near to you. You reached to mall and  went to the mobile store, shop cameras are watching you, in which section you are spending more time and suggest you similar section to shop, Now you picked up a any gadget, they will calculate your interest and recommend you the gadgets with similar features and functionalists with discounts. (As they also want to grow up with their business:) ). Result leaving from home you decided for a-gadget and you b-gadget actually because of attractive offer on it.

From healthcare, to sports, from retails stores to the e-banking, from the business to the social networking, to the way we used to go for office, big data will making big changes to the way we live our lives. Specially internet is getting more and more importance to everyones life everyday, everyone is like to sharing his information on social site and social networking sites are becoming very popular for Business world. Businesses are becoming more and more consumer centric with the help of social networking and easily available information. Businesses are using this information to find out the customer trends and business out of it. Think of this we get an reason why E-Commerce businesses are getting more and more popularity these day. How weather forecasting is always being correct, Why healthcare programs are getting arranged in particular days of year, How fraud is detected in bank between millions of transactions per day. 

This is all about bigdata, we are surrounded by it as we are responsible for generating it and Businesses are just using it for their purpose to help us, ultimately both get benefited, We are happy because of we get better and  convenient solution even if we dint thought about it and Its impacting directly to Annual Revenue of Businesses.