Sunday, May 12, 2013

Starting with NoSQL Database

All of us know that hadoop ecosystem is designed for bigdata processing and analyzing data in batch process not really real time purpose; but we can bring hadoop live using NoSQL databases, now think what happen when tow big giants comes together and what are the powers of them together.

"NoSQL" some in the industry referred "Not only SQL" describing NoSQL systems do supports SQL like query languages but its not 100% correct. NoSQL databases are high optimized for data retrieving and accessing operations. its because of storage system of NoSQL databases are based upon key-value pair, each data item inside the NoSQL database has a unique key, because of this Runtime query complexity of traditional relational databases are removed; Made a footprint into emerging market of valuable data warehousing by gaining high scalable and optimized performance model of NoSQL database.

"NoSQL" database are designed to deal with huge amount of data in short "Bigdata", when the data is in the any form, doesn't requires a relational model, may or may not be structured, but the NoSQL is used only when there is data storage and retrieval matters not the relationship between the elements, NoSQL can able to store millions of key-value pair and access them faster than any relational database can. This system is very useful for real time statistical analysis of  growing data such as application logs.

Its not give guarantees that "NoSQL" supports full AICD operations. Perhaps only eventual consistency is possible or transactions limited to single data items, Although most of the NoSQL systems have transactions over single data objects, mutliple multiple supports transactions over the multiple data objects. Such as eXtreme Scale NoSQL system supports transaction over the single object and systems such as FoundationDB, OrientDB etc. supports transaction over multiple objects like traditional RDBMS databases.

Focusing on storing and accessing data from NoSQL database. As mentioned above NoSQL system uses a key-value pair to store data into the data store. Key-value pair allows to store data in schemaless way, so data can be stored into the store in the form of programming language like POJO classes in JAVA and accessed into the same; because of this there is no need to fixed data model to store or access the data.

Now revolution into the NoSQL databases brings it into the next step such as Graph database, in which data is stored in graphical manner, in relation with each other so we can access related data faster than any one can.

This just an overview of what is NoSQL database and how it work for detailed explanation please 

There are 100's NoSQL databases available in market waiting for you, some of them are
1. HBase - A hadoop Database
2. MongoDB
3. Cassandra
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