Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Would Hadoop really replaces Traditional Data warehousing domains?

If someone asks you 'Would Hadoop will be the future to data warehousing?; would it replaces the traditional data warehousing systems? then what will be your reaction.You will think that he must be kidding, there is no point of discussing such question because you know the how important is the data warehousing is. but its only if you are unaware of Hadoop.

Yes, Traditional Data Warehouse can in fact address this specific use case reasonably well from an architectural standpoint. But given that the most cutting-edge cloud analytics is happening in Hadoop clusters, it’s just a matter of time one to two years, tops before all data warehouse vendors bring Hadoop into their heart of their architectures. For those vendors who haven’t yet fully committed to full Hadoop integration, the growing real-world adoption of this open-source approach will force their hands.

Where the next-generation Data Warehouse is concerned, the petabyte staging cloud is merely Hadoop’s initial footprint. Enterprises are moving rapidly toward the Data Warehouse as the hub for all future analytics. Again, the impressive growth in MapReduce for predictive modeling, data mining(Mahout), and content analytics will practically compel Data Warehouse vendors to optimize their platforms for MapReduce.

Yes, Handling Bigdata it not just a matter of volume, it means variety of data and velocity as well.