Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Integration of Hadoop with Business Intelligence(BI) and Data Warehousing(DW)

As we know the Hadoops powers, it can stores the data with large volumes, different varieties. If we have large amount of valuable data but we are not able to present it then its of no use like raw data. The real values of data comes only when it will be presented the impressive manner like tables, charts and graphs etc.
we can store the structured, unstructured and semi-structured data into the hadoop ecosystem like on HDFS or in HIVE data-warehouse or hadoop database(HBase).

When reports comes into the picture people thinks about  Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tools, Yes that's the one many of the BI and DW tools now providing the connectivity to hadoop, because they knew that bigdata is the need of tomorrow and yes I believe. BI tool providers like Pentaho already started work on bigdata and hadoop and created a very usefull tools to deal with bigdata, that tools are really impressive. Pentaho provided support for HDFS - to accessing data from hadoop file system and creating reports from that. It also supports HIVE and HBase data warehouse and database to connect and generating a business valuables from that. Many more organizations following best practices Report takes a careful look at the benefits, barriers, and emerging best practices for integrating Hadoop into BI and DW.

You can see below how we are able to customize reports from Hadoop(Hive) and Pentaho integration.

Even we can also develop a our own BI/ETL tool using Integration of hadoop and sqoop/flume to do ETL(Extract Transform and Load) processing on the data and can generate the reports or the meaningful relational data from the raw data. The architecture behind the every bigdata BI or ETL tool is the same just the frontend differs.  

Hadoop promises to assist with the toughest challenges in BI today, including big data analysis processing, advanced analytics, and unstructured and structured data together.

For more details about BI and ETL tool :,_transform,_load